Blonde Fur 2004, film and digital

Loop from Cake And Steak, shown individually (aka Cake And Steak)

On Cake and Steak:

The first part of a series of digital projections that excavate ‘girl training’ in the legacy of home movie and post-war American suburban culture. The project is imagined as a digi-novel in chapters. The first part re-reads the American dream to question the American nuclear family. Oberhausen Catalogue April 28-May 4 2004

"A rambunctious embrace, body to body, woman to woman, entrance to exit— inlaws-foregrounding the construction of cinematic meaning, the elusive nature of memory and desire, the hysteric familial arena of the social. A comedy of manners and movement, the film, like all parts of this new series, excavates 'girl training' in the legacy of home movies and post-war American suburban culture, and is conceived for both loop installation and single-screen projection."

Distribution: Abigail Child