If I Can Sing a Song about Ligatures 2009, Digital Video

w/ Nada Gordon (part of FOREIGN FILM SERIES)

Third in the series of Foreign Films exploring relations of text and image, how text turns the image. In (If I Can Sing A Song About) Ligatures, words taken from lines of Nada Gordon's unrequited love poems, whose sentences are taken, in their turn, from anonymous web poems, reveal a history of sexuality. Ligatures pronounces the poignancy of desire; its power and its vulnerability. The women are visions, girls, desirous, delicate, illusory. The illusionary nature is made manifest-transversing boundaries, expectations and physical limits-by the close. We in the audience, creating our own identities in the moments, remain trans-fixed.

Premiered at the New York Film Festival

Distribution: Abigail Child