Mirror World 2006, 14mins, 16mm to dvd, dvcam.

With Gary Sullivan (part of FOREIGN FILM SERIES) By Desire.

A reshaping of Mehboob Khan's classic Bollywood feature AAN into a comic and disturbing study of class and sexuality. Formal play and poetic subtitles deconstruct the narrative to locate the sub-version: the princess becomes the maid, the maid becomes queen. MIRROR WORLD wrenches narrative causality, and discovers with digital printing, ways to wreck havoc on our perceptions of the world. Hypnotic and beautiful: you cannot turn away.

PREMIERE: NY Film Festival 2006, October. EUROPEAN PREMIERE: Rotterdam Festival, January 2007. Other Showings: Ann Arbor Film Festival 07; Agassiz House, Radcliffe Institute; Black Maria Film Festival-Directors Citation; "Feminisms: Film, Video, Politics" Conference at U. of Harford; Harvard University Film Archive Retrospective (Fall 07); UCLA Poetry and Film Conference (07). Hong Kong Film Festival.

Distribution: Film-Makers' Coop, Abigail Child