Through the Looking Lass 1993, Video, 12 min, color.
Interactive Video

Featuring Leonora Champagne Music by Ikue Mori. Technical help Benton Bainbridge. Camera/editor: Abigail Child

“ a revised Snow White, exploring abstract narrative structures, seduced and reconstructed, a wicked dream.”

Abigail Child is a filmmaker and poet, based in New York, whose work in film explores and juggles narrative strategies. Her recent videos are all collaborations: 8 MILLION with Ikue Mori and Through the Looking Lass or Snow White’s Dream with Lenora Champagne.

Child’s earlier series is a collection of short films that work both individually and together to unwrap cinematic convention. Not merely formal deconstructive gestures, the films veer from the dangerous to.playful and back again. Her more recent video work continues the grouping of shorter works, or short songs, in 8 MILLION to includes Fishtank, Shiver (shown at 1993 New York Film Festival Video Sidebar), Kiss of Fire, 8 Million Ways to Die, and Faint Clue. The myths of popular culture--romance and TV soaps--provide the motifs for the work which restructures memory-image-fragment and now fairy tale—to foreground the body against a mechanized or predestined landscape.

Through the Looking Lass continues the structure of short stories and work with musician Ikue Mori. It has premiered internationally this spring in Toronto at the Pleasure Dome and in London at the Film Coop. ItThis will be its premiere New York appearance.

Distribution: Abigail Child