2023: Retrospective at NYC's Anthology Film Archives • March 24 – March 28. http://anthologyfilmarchives.org/film_screenings/series/55719

Recent Festival + Exhibition Honors:

2021: Portland film festival ORIGIN• October 10-16th

2021: LA FEMME Film Festival LA Origin of the Species • October 14-17

2021: Ji.hlava Film Festival, ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES. European Premiere October 26-31

2021: Inhuman Screens Conference, Sept 24th Presented essay “Approaching The Inhuman”

2021: Against the Main Stream Harpur Cinema & University Art Museum exhibition “Now Form a Band”. w/ Betzy Bromberg, Leslie Thornton & SadieBenning. https://www.binghamton.edu/cinema/events/harpur-cinema.html

2021: 15th Sydney Underground Festival (Sept. 10-12) • w/director Abigail Child speaking at INHUMAN Conference (Sept. 10)

2021: Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Festival, NYC Sept 17-18-19, 2021 •

2021: “WORDS” On This Long Century at www.ecstaticstatic.com(July: MUTINY)

2021: https://hoosacinstitute.com/Journal-8 Photos and text. ed. By Jenny Perlin (Summer)

2021: Film Chat with AC on ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES sponsored by DC Independent Film Festival June 22 on Zoom

2021: Launch on I-tunes Worldwide, of ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES, courtesy of Journeyman Pictures pre-order link for: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/origin-of-the-species/id1566882990?ls=1

2021: Broadcast Launch of ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES, courtesy of Journeyman Pictures.

2021: Hearing Aids in “Next To You” for the McEvoy Foundation of Art in San Francisco. April-August (Mutiny) Group show.

2021: Panel Celebrating Child’s Work w/ Ken Jacobs, Melissa Ragona, Ruth Novaczek April 30th

2021: SHOWCASE, Filmmakers Coop. March 2021 Featuring Acts & Intermissions, B/side, Ligatures, Mutiny & Elsamerdelamer

2021: “Anarchism and Film” at Anthology Film Archives, Feb 3-26 ACTS & INTERMISSIONS•

2021: ‘Poetics and the University in Crisis” Speaker showing film on Panel for 3-day public webinar Colloquy:. March 5-7.

2021: “New Year, New Films” at NY Filmmakers Coop, BLUE EDIT Premiere.

2021: DC Independent Film Festival Origin of the Species (April) • March 31-April 7th

2021: Manchester Film Festival, UK. Origin of the Species (March 12, 2021) 8pm •

2021: Northern Irish Science Film Festival, Ireland Sci Fi Fest. ORIGIN (Feb. 17) • with pre-recorded Q&A

2020: DocNYC Nov 11-19, Extended to Nov. 28th. World Premiere ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES, feature doc• with pre-recorded Q&A

2020: In Solidarity, LA LUCHA (The Struggle). Group show curated by NY Film Coop.

2020: Anthology’s 50th Anniversary. First 1.5 minute “teaser” of BLUE EDIT on website. https://vimeo.com/showcase/afa50

2020: National Gallery of Art, Washington DC. August 19-25. Streaming. New York Pavements: Short Films from the Collection of the Film-Makers’ Cooperative (Mutiny) https://www.nga.gov/film-programs/new-york-pavements.html

2020: Dom Norymberski, art gallery in Cracow, Poland. (Elsa merdelamerdelamer) 18.-25.10.2020

2020: School of Visual Arts (Future and Acts & Intermissions)

2020: Art of the Real, Lincoln Center. Co-curated by Rachel Rakes. MUTINY in sidebar, on Media Archeology. (April) postponed.

2020: L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Book Conference discussion at Poetry House, NY (June) postponed….

2019: “West Coast Lights” at MoMA Part of opening celebration in “Currents: Re-Viewing Cineprobe 1968-2002” (Pacific Far East Line)

2019: CINEMATEK, Brussels. for NY #39. (Mayhem) Sept 5th opening. Two shows with Mayhem and another with Mercy.

2019: In conjunction with Cinematek Shows, Sabzian a Belgian trilingual site, will publish the ‘Time Corners’ interview (both the Dutch translation & the original English version) a week or so before the start of the film programme.

2019: Burning Frame, a monthly showcase for leftist cinema presented at Spectacle (in cooperation w/ MACC). Brooklyn. 7.23. Acts &Intermissions•

2019: Silent films at Microscope Gallery, NYC June 10th.Artist in person https://microscopegallery.com/abigail-child-silent-films/

2019: Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council, at Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn, NYC. July 18, 2019 Acts & Intermissions•

2019: Block Museum of Art, Illinois. Surface Noise

2019: Feb 17th at MoMA, NYC 7pm Perils in group show “EyeSlicer” For more information visit the MoMA Event Page here

2018: Dossier on my work published in Uzak Film Journal, an online magazine from Italy on cinema and contemporary visual culture: http://www.uzak.it/.

2017: ACTS & INTERMISSIONS World Premiere at The Museum of Modern Art’s Doc Fortnight Feb 17 +19; Also chosen for Ann Arbor (Jury Award), Ashland, Houston, ATA, Frontiera, Brazil, L’Alternativa, Ji.hlava (review http://www.dokrevue.com/clanky/acts-and-intermissions), Aurora Picture Show. London Premiere at ICA June 6. Review: https://blinkingeyeblog.com/2017/04/12/acts-and-intermissions/

2016: MOUTH TO MOUTH, book of Poetry launched. Lambda Prizewinner!

2015: Vis å Vis wins Audience Award at Crossroads FF, March. On Crossroads tour.

2014: Vis å Vis and UNBOUND on “Best of 2014” Curator Lists from La Furia Umana, Italy; Jury prize: Ann Arbor FF for Elsa merdelamerdelamer. The Suburban Trilogy featured in Athens Avant-Garde Film Festival, Greece, Nov. & Pesaro Film Festival, Italy (June). Films appeared as well at Courtisane FF & Fronteira, Brasil. Riding the Tiger: Songs from Capitalist China, premiered.

2013: Premiere of UNBOUND: in NY at Anthology (June), in Boston at ICA (Sept), in San Francisco at Yerba Buena Center (Oct). Selection for New York Film Festival: ELSA and Vis á Vis; London FF: Elsa; Seattle Film Festival: SoE; Director’s Choice Award for Surf and Turf, Black Maria.

2012: Starz Festival, Director’s Choice, A Shape of Error, Nov; retrospective at BIM (Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento), Argentina (Oct)

2011: Brakhage Vision Award. Publication of “Is This What You Were Born For?” Essays + dvd (Metis Press) in French and English; on Penn Sound: http://writing.upenn.edu/pennsound/x/Child-Film.html

2010: Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid mini Retrospective; SoundEye Festival in Cork, Ireland.

2009: Mid career Retrospectives: Reservoir, Switzerland; Installation at Wake Forest University.

2008: Mid Career Retrospective with Catalogue at EXIS Korea.

2007: Harvard University Film Archives. Harvard creates “Abigail Child Collection” to archive and preserve her work.

2006: Installation at Agassiz, Harvard U. and Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis.


..still from "Blonde Fur", video installation, 2005