SALOMÉ: Woman of Valor (2014)
USA, 2014, 22min. Stereo Sound. Digital Edit. 35mm original.

The classic story of Salomé is imaginatively reconceived as a lost world of mirrors, negatives, hesitations and seductions, culminating in death——the other side of an intense and destructive love. Karasick’s punning alliteration provides poignancy and irony to Child’s inventive and magical reworking of the 1923 film based on Oscar Wilde’s play. London’s North African tuned compositions meld with downtown riffs
and the eerie sounds of the Theremin to create a haunting and memorable accompaniment.
A first version of a performance for the Tribeca New Music Festival 5.15.14.
Originally conceived for a larger project initiated by Frank London (music) and Adeena Karasick (words), Salomé continues Child’s collaborative work with poets + text in the context of playful disruptions of archival material. Her series entitled “Foreign Films” include TO AND NO FRO (2005) with Monica de la Torre, MIRROR WORLD (2006) with Gary Sullivan and LIGATURES (2009) with Nada Gordon).



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