VIS à VIS (2013)
USA, 2013, 25 min. 16mm orig.

Inspired by Vertov's Lullaby from the 1930s, as well as by Warhol's Screen Test portraits and Frampton's Manual of Arms from the 1960s, vis à vis constructs black
and white portraits into a set of Romances, a notebook of sexualities: s/m, lesbian,
gay, straight, solo. The piece celebrates friends and divergent (d)alliances. Out of
the past comes a vision of the future as a set of erotic possibilities.

New York Film Festival 2013

.….. The electric disparity and informing of sound to image is characteristic of so much of [Child’s] work. …..strong, sensuous, unexpected, fulfilling, courageous.
- Mark McEllhatten NYFF 2013.

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