ELSA merdelamerdelamer (2013)
USA, 2013, Digital. b/w. 4 min

ELSA merdelamerdelamer is a smoky, punky and sexy chapter in the collectively
made Feminist bio-drama, MamaDada about the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, avant-garde performance artist, sculptress and poet.

The Baroness travelled from Germany to Tennessee, New York to Paris, was lovers
with William Carlos Williams and perhaps gave the famous urinal to Duchamp, whom she describes as her “cast-iron lover”. This brief excursion is inspired by an event
that was lost in development where Man Ray and Duchamp made a film of the
Baroness shaving her pubic hair.

World Premiere: New York Film Festival 2013; London Film Festival 2013; Rotterdam Film Fest 2014.


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