Surface Noise

featuring music by

—“…as in all her work Child moves between the world and its material reflections with rhythmic power and a fine-honed technique that makes one marvel. Sensitive and explosive…” Gary Morris, Bright Lights Film Journal April 2001

—“ both seductive and disturbing” South End News, Boston, Oct 2000

—"Child decomposes the gestures that would compose us. The films are charged with a startling and playful musicality and a poetic and rigorous compression.... With vigorous acuity these films seek to reterritorialize the elements of film.They call into question the structures of narrative, power and gender, testing the ways in which we assimilate information and navigate through history and memory." Mark McElhattan, Curator New York Film Festival

Conceived, Directed, Edited and with some additional contemporary footage shot by Abigail Child Sound montage created by A. Child with additional music by Zeena Parkins (synthesizer), Christian Marclay (turntables), Shelley Hirsch (vocals), and Jim Black (drums).

Recording at Harvest Works with recording engineer Paul Geluso; Print by Cinema Arts, Pennsylvania.

SCREENINGS: New York Film Festival 2000,”Lightspill Program”; Rotterdam Film Festival, “Mapping The World” program; Black Maria Award and Tour; Pandaemonium at Lux Centre, UK; Eastman House; Pacific Film Archive, IMAGES Toronto; Rhode Island University; Media City, Art Site, Windsor Ontario; Mt. Holyoke College “Multicultural Festival.”

2000. 20 minutes. b/w + color. 16mm sound

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